SITU | Sea Ice Tracking Utility

Examples (Click pictures to zoom)

Basic display
Just left Click somewhere in image
Change the time limits and Click again
One can zoom with the wheel or slider at the bottom
Weather display
Press Plot all Parameters
You can download the data as well
Many tracks using forward/back
Set time to one year
Click a point or add track
Press Forward/Back to see track at new starting time
Select Model source
Use pull down (upper left)
to change data source/td>
Long time series
Click Euler then Click map
Click the small time series plot (TS)
to get long plots/td>
Model time series
Select data source
Click map
Click Euler
Click TS plot
Add maps
Pull down lower right
To make animation, select map and press play
South accessed from
source pull down(select source)
The click away and zoom

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